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Viewing Images

We have split the images into various galleries and sub-galleries. Each of these contains a variety of "thumbnail" images. Click on any "thumbnail" to view larger version of the same image. Each of the larger images is set into a page with additional buttons allowing you to navigate the larger images without need to return to the gallery. You will find that there are a number of additional larger images which do not appear on the galleries. 

Mouse Overs

The main exception to that stated above is the Ultra Violet (UV) section. Here there are no larger images. Only the facility, as described on the gallery, to hover the mouse pointer over the image in order to see the effect under different lighting conditions. In addition, you will find that some of the "thumbnail" images on the other galleries will change when you hover them. We hope that you might find some of these amusing.


Please remember that all images displayed on this website are subject to copyright, remain the property of COOL FACES, and may not be used for any purpose without express written consent.



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