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Owned by Lorna Strachan, and based in West Lothian, Cool Faces is  one of Scotland's premier Face Painting and Body Painting companies.

In recent years, Face and Body Art has developed, internationally, from simplistic designs for children's parties or "team colours" for football and rugby matches, to a fine art requiring a high level of skill and dedication. Cool Faces are at the forefront of this development and have been called upon to demonstrate and share their expertise at several of the largest face painting conventions. Lorna has trained many successful artists and is, herself,  recognised as one of the leading artists in the UK. She has demonstrated along side world renowned painters and has herself rapidly become recognised internationally.

Cool Faces can be relied upon to provide a reliable service to the most exacting standards. Fully insured, Cool Faces pay particularly close attention to every aspect of their work, from personal presentation, equipment and materials, to the all important aspects of hygiene.

Cool Faces have provided Face Painting services at some of the UK's most prestigious sporting events, store openings, product launches and night clubs. From single artistes to teams of fifteen or more painters and entertainers. High impact Body Painting services have been provided for the rich, the famous, and for some of the biggest companies in the country. Even the latest craze of pre natal art has been accommodated.

Despite the ever expanding nature of her work, and the awards won, Lorna still loves to see the look on a child’s face upon seeing their “new” face in the mirror, The impromptu hugs and the many thank you pictures that children have drawn for her, on whatever they have been able to lay their hands on, (usually paper napkins or tissues), remain her greatest reward.

Face Painting: Small picture of Lorna painting a young girl's face at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland..

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Face Painting: Small picture of Lorna being painted by Olivier Zegers.

Lorna at work

Lorna Painted


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