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Children have very vivid imaginations and we are often asked to paint scenes that adults would never dream of. The pictures on this page were designed, at least in part, by children. Painting scenes on faces is entirely different from painting on a flat surface. The shape of the face gives depth to the work that could never be achieved on a flat canvas.


Japanese Water Garden

Scenes - Japanese Water Garden - Right Profile Scenes - Japanese Water Garden - Front View Scenes - Japanese Water Garden - Left Profile

Scenes - Xmas Card

Scenes - Xmas Card - Right Profile Scenes - Xmas Card - Front View Scenes - Xmas Card - Left Profile
Scenes - Space Bird
Scenes - Space Bird - Right Profile Scenes - Space Bird - Front View Scenes - Space Bird - Left Profile

Scenes - Moonset

Scenes - Moonset - Right Profile Scenes - Moonset - Front View Scenes - Moonset - Left Profile


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